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It’s Time to Upgrade to a Two-Stage Gas Furnace!

If your furnace is costing far too much to operate, struggling to keep your home comfortable, or breaking down frequently, it is probably a good time to start considering a replacement. Countless homeowners are upgrading to two-stage gas furnaces because they are extremely advantageous. Continue reading to learn more about these systems and discover some of the ways you can benefit from installing one in your home.

What Is the Difference between a Single-Stage Gas Furnace & a Two-Stage Gas Furnace?

In each furnace system is a burner section with a valve that controls. The valve has control over how much fuel enters the burner and therefore, how much power your system operates at. A one-stage (aka single-stage) furnace has a valve in the burner section of the furnace that only has two positions: open and closed. That means that a single-stage furnace can only either be off or operate at 100% capacity. This can waste a lot of energy in a home that only requires a little bit of heat.

On the other hand, the valve in a two-stage furnace has three positions: fully open, partially open, and closed. That means that the system can either run at 100% capacity, 70% capacity, or be turned off. This gives homeowners more control over their energy consumption and comfort.

What Are the Benefits of a Two-Stage Gas Furnace?

Two-stage furnaces are a great option for homeowners who are looking to reduce their energy consumption and maximize their savings.

Some of the key benefits of these systems include:

  • Control: Homeowners will have much more control over their systems by being able to decide whether their system runs at partial or full capacity. On days with milder weather, a homeowner won’t need to waste tons of energy by blasting their furnace at full force.
  • Comfort: Two-stage furnaces are designed to run for longer periods of time, which results in much more even heating. This also means you can say goodbye to those frustrating temperature swings that single-stage furnaces create.
  • Energy efficiency: By running a two-stage furnace at partial power the majority of the time, you can expect to notice a drop in your energy consumption and monthly energy bills.
  • Better air quality: A furnace operating at a lower speed can more easily filter out common air contaminants such as dust, pollen, dander, and more.
  • Quiet operation: When operating at 70% capacity, two-stage furnaces are much quieter than traditional single-stage furnaces that tend to be quite noisy.

Turn to Hobson AC for Two-Stage Gas Furnace Installations

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