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Should I Be Concerned About the Ice on My Heat Pump?

If you’ve discovered that there is ice in your heat pump, you are probably pretty concerned. Your heat pump is responsible for keeping your family comfortable year-round and the last thing you need is for it to stop working properly. Continue reading to discover whether or not you should be concerned about the ice on your heat pump and what may have caused it.

Is Ice on a Heat Pump Common?

Luckily, it is very common for a bit of frost to gather on your heat pump, especially during the winter season. If your system is covered in a small layer of frost, there is nothing to worry about. Heat pumps are designed with a defrosting feature that automatically kicks in after a certain amount of time to defrost and ice buildup on your system.

What Causes Ice to Form on a Heat Pump?

During the colder months when a heat pump system is set to “heat” mode, it is very likely that it will develop a bit of frost around the unit or on the coils. Heat pumps pull heat from outside and heat it before transferring that air into a home. As the system pulls air inside, it is common for the moisture from the air to remain outside and build up around the system. When it is very cold outside, this moisture can condense and form frost.

In addition, heat pumps generate heat using refrigerant. As the refrigerant turns to gas and condenses, this condensation can create frost as it passes through the coils. This results in frost on the outside of the coils.

When Should I Be Concerned About the Ice on My Heat Pump?

While a small layer of frost on your heat pump is totally normal, there are some instances in which you will need to bring in an HVAC professional for an inspection. If your heat pump is completely enclosed in ice, your coils are fully frozen over, the top of your unit is covered in thick ice, or the defrost cycle on your system isn’t kicking on, something could be wrong with your system.

Excessive ice buildup on a heat pump is usually the result of:

  • Freezing rain landing on your system
  • Piles of leaves or other kinds of debris blocking the heat pump’s air intake
  • The settling of the slab of concrete on which your heat pump rests
  • A damaged fan motor, refrigerant leak, broken reversing valve, or some other type of system malfunction caused by a lack of proper maintenance

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