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Water Softeners in Weatherford, TX

Quality Water is a Phone Call Away at Hobson AC!

North Texas is known for a lot of things. While most people think of any number of things, few people think of our area as being home to incredibly poor-quality water. Hard water is a major issue for virtually every home and business throughout the area, and that can be devastating for your plumbing system and the appliances that depend on water to operate. However, you don’t have to live with hard water—with a water softening system from the Wetherford water softening pros at Hobson AC, you can enjoy better-quality water all throughout your home! These systems are affordable, efficient, require very little maintenance, and yet can dramatically improve your water and your quality of life.

Learn more about installing a water softener system in your home by calling the team at Hobson AC at (817) 383-2788 today!

What Is Hard Water?

“Hard water” is the name given to water that contains an elevated level of dissolved mineral content. The most common minerals are calcium and magnesium, which chemically combine together to form limescale, an obnoxious white substance that you often find caked onto plumbing fixtures like showerheads, faucets, and outdoor spigots. Hard water is actually one of the most common water issues found throughout the country, so this issue is far from abnormal.

However, hard water isn’t something you should ignore either. Limescale can be hard on plumbing lines and even causes blockages in water lines when too many minerals are able to accumulate and build up on a pipe surface. Limescale also builds up on surfaces, where it becomes exceedingly difficult to clean. Finally, these minerals also greatly alter the taste and feel of your water, and that makes it less than ideal to use for cooking, cleaning, or other chores like doing laundry. The extra mineral content can also dry out skin and hair, leaving it feeling brittle, dry, and cracked.

How Water Softeners Work

Water softeners work by inducing a chemical reaction that replaces mineral substance ions in your water with sodium ions that greatly reduce water hardness. In a water softener system, water filters through a media loaded with sodium. By the time the water reaches the bottom of the tank, the overwhelming majority of the mineral content has been chemically removed and your water tastes, looks, and feels far softer and better than it did before. This water is then extracted from the tank and carried into your home, where it flows through faucets and fixtures everywhere. The majority of water softeners require little to no excess energy and very little maintenance, and that means extremely low operating costs while also greatly improving your water.

Great Reasons to Install a Softener System

Why should you opt to install a water softener system? The benefits of this upgrade are numerous. For starters, not having to deal with the mess that hard water can leave behind is something almost anyone who has had to clean a limescale-caked faucet can appreciate. Likewise, the great improvement to your water quality for cooking and cleaning will become obvious almost right away. Clothes will feel softer and brighter with less color fade, and your food will taste better when cooked with water that isn’t loaded with unexpected minerals. Finally, this system can improve the lifespan of water-utilizing appliances like your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher to name a few. Because softer water is less corrosive than hard water, your appliances will experience fewer problems and enjoy a much longer lifespan than they would while working with hard water.

Find out more about installing a water softener system, or schedule a repair for your water softener by contacting the team at Hobson AC today.

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