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5 IoT Devices That Monitor Air Quality

5 IoT Devices That Monitor Air Quality

Air quality is important, and your thermostat doesn’t tell you much about it. Sure, you know the temperature, but what about smoke, gas, humidity, allergens, and everything else that seeps into the air we breathe?

The past few years, the air purification and humidity control market got a huge boost in functionality thanks to the Internet of Things. Now sensors can be placed throughout our home to measure every aspect of air quality to keep us in the loop and even automate fixes. These five devices offer different features for different use-case scenarios, and which one you choose depends on your individual situation.

#1 BlueAir Aware

BlueAir is an air purification company that’s been around much longer than the Internet of Things. With Sense+, the company integrates air quality sensors into the air purifier itself, but Aware is a standalone sensor that can be used with any BlueAir purifier to automate the process.

Using the BlueAir app, you can see the particle density in the air for allergens, measure temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. It gives you notifications when any level gets beyond human comfort levels, and helps you live safer and understand what’s happening in your home that you can’t see.

BlueAir Aware

#2 Nest Protect

Nest made waves in the smart home market for its learning thermostat that figures out your usage patterns and adjusts based on that and optimal efficiency. You can expand the features of Nest with Protect, a connected carbon monoxide and smoke detector that goes much further than your standard alarm.
When a problem is detected, each unit will tell you in a voice there’s a smoke in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever it’s happening, even if you’re not in that room. Phone alerts, manual safety inspections, and even lighting keeps you safe in your home 24/7, whether you’re home or not.

Nest Project

#3 NetAtmo Healthy Home Coach

NetAtmo has created a full suite of home automation and security that includes both the Weather Station (outdoor air quality monitor) and Health Home Coach (indoor climate monitor). The combination of both devices can tell you everything you need to know about the weather and air quality both in and around your home. It helps you make smarter decisions and can be used to optimize energy savings.

Healthy Home Coach goes beyond the standard gas/particle/temperature measurements to also measure sound levels. It’s hard to sleep when you’re surrounded by traffic, train and airport noise, loud neighbors, music, etc. Healthy Home Coach lets you know when the air around you is negatively impacting your health with just a tap. Green is good, red is bad, and yellow requires your attention. It doesn’t get any easier.

NetAtmo Healthy Home Coach

#4 Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor

Babies, children, and the elderly are especially sensitive to air quality. Asthma, allergies, and respiratory issues are aggravated by these issues, and Awair is aware of this in the design of their devices. A wood casing is made for living areas, and a copolymer casing is designed for use in baby’s room.
Awair measures air temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals, and dust to provide a quick and detailed look at air quality on either your phone or the device itself. It connects to your phone either via WiFi or bluetooth and uses location data to determine ambient settings.

Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor

#5 Canary All-in-One Home Security

Canary is more than an air sensor – it’s an all-in-one security system with an HD camera, built-in siren, and air quality monitor that lets you not only monitor data but get a live-feed view from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Within 24 hours, the air sensor determines what normal is for your home and starts tracking.

Iso-butane, CO2, hydrogen, ethanol, cigarette smoke, cooking odors, and dust can all be detected and measured with Canary. It’s even known to be triggered by air fresheners, as they add several chemicals and particles to the air.

Canary All-in-One Home Security


A standard smoke alarm is limited in functionality, and there’s only so many contaminants an HVAC filter can actually filter out. These smart air sensors paired with air purifiers, conditioners, and humidifiers can be a huge help in keeping your home’s climate livable for everyone.